Truly Montana Outdoors is ran by Conner Brown, Justyn Lowthian, and Ryan Millhollin. We were born and raised in Montana, with a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. We are ethical hunters and we love the challenge and the responsibility of being a hunter. We are a die hard team and will make anything happen. Hunting and the outdoor path we have chosen isn't just a hobby to us, it is lifestyle, something that we were born into. We are all blessed to live the life we do. 


Born and raised in Miles City, Montana. After 4 years of college I followed my passion and have guided for Sizlin S Outfitters for mule deer as well as Weare's Outfitters for elk. Goose hunting is by far my favorite though as I staff for FCC goose and duck calls as well as Hardcore decoys. Any questions on hunting or with me give me a shout


I was born in Washington, but our family moved to Montana when I was four and have been in love with where I live ever since. I am from Great Falls, but I grew up 30 miles west of Miles City in Eastern Montana. My dad has been taking me hunting since I can remember, so my passion for the sport began at an early age. During archery season I hunt as often as possible while going to school and working. My favorite way to hunt is with my bow, getting close makes the experience more memorable and challenging. 


I was born in Great Falls MT. After high school I took over my uncles cattle ranch outside of Hardin MT. Ever since I was very young I had been going out to the ranch and learning the land ever so slowly. I was fortunate enough to be on some of the best hunting grounds in southeastern MT. Even before I could legally hunt I would spot and stalk giant mule deer and elk just for the thrill of being that close to large game. One of my favorite animals to hunt is elk and mule deer in rifle season, especially during the rut.